Thursday, January 20, 2011

1/17/11 - Majority Caucus Vice-Chairman Ramsey Announces Legislation Aimed at Providing More Options in the Health Insurance Market

Today House Majority Caucus Vice-Chairman Matt Ramsey (R-Peachtree City) announced the introduction of House Bill 47. This legislation is aimed at providing Georgians with more options in the health insurance market.

“We are convinced that the best way to provide Georgians with more affordable and varied health insurance options is to unlock the forces of the free market and put more power in the hands of the health insurance buying consumer,” said Rep. Ramsey. “In light of the Obama Administration’s imposition of a mandate to buy health insurance on every single American through his healthcare reform package, it is absolutely critical that we break down the barriers to competition in the health insurance marketplace in Georgia.”

Similar legislation to HB 47 passed the House last year before stalling in the Senate. HB 47, like its predecessor, would allow insurance companies licensed in Georgia to sell health insurance products that are approved for sale in other states.

Joining Representative Ramsey in introducing the measure were House Insurance Committee Chairman John Meadows (R-Calhoun), House Retirement Committee Chairman Howard Maxwell (R-Dallas), House Majority Whip Edward Lindsey (R-Atlanta), House Majority Caucus Chairman Donna Sheldon (R-Dacula), House Majority Caucus Secretary/Treasurer Allen Peake (R-Macon) and more than a dozen other majority caucus Representatives.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Representative Ramsey of the great State of Georgia,
I commend you for your Bill #87.
My husband and I moved here to Georgia from living in northern California all our lives.
I can tell you first hand about the influx of Mexican illegals and how they affected a change in the public sector of that state. Within just a few years in northern California alone, working citizens were being forced to take major cuts in pay, and lower salaries, due to the illegals prompting that change by offering employers "cheap labor". I saw an ever increase in crime getting bolder by the day, while our state taxes were climbing higher, and jobs for Americans in California were becoming more and more impossible to attain. Many hundreds of American Citizens were being laid off, which includes myself. A few years before I left California, I answered an ad for employment as an Office Assistant in Santa Rosa, and was interviewed twice by an American gentlemen who was the Office Mgr of that company. He told me I was well qualified for the position, but that I had to have one final interview for approval by an employee who was Manager in the "kitchen" area of that company.
I went back a 3rd time, and was interviewed by the Spanish speaking female Kitchen Mgr. employee who asked me questions regarding whether I know how to speak, read, and write Spanish. I replied that I do not speak Spanish fluently, but that I am able to say a few words, because I am fluent in Italian, and the language is somewhat similar.
The following week, I got a telephone call from her, saying, "I'm sorry, but I cannot authorize your hire here." I asked her, "why", and she responded thus, "because my workers who work here in the kitchen would not be able to communicate with you, because you do not speak Spanish fluently".
Representative Ramsey, I am proud to be born, raised, and educated here in the U.S., but I want my U.S. Representatives to STOP making it easy for illegals to come across our borders and being given "special treatment" so that my children and grandchildren will NOT have to endure this kind of outlandish "group favortism" by illegals or anyone else who decides it is THEIR "right" to hire only those who can speak THEIR language.
This is America, and many millions of people came here from other countries, as both my parents did, to become American Citizens, giving up THEIR former countrys allegiance, and accepting only allegiance to the United States of America, thus being proud to accept America's culture, it's origin, it's history, it's people, and it's language.
If illegals cannot learn to speak, read, and write English (our mother tongue), they should NOT be promoted here to become "Superiors" and allowed to hire only Spanish speaking people, for any job here in America.
As a Republican, I applaud your bill, and hope to God your fellow constituents can see to passing it, because while we are all equal in God's eyes, it goes without saying, that equality begins and ends at HOME!